American Made Commercial Aluminum and Glass Overhead Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite has been a manufacturer of welded aluminum and glass overhead garage doors for over 50 years. We offer our customers a large variety of American made aluminum and glass roll up garage doors with the strength and quality they demand. We welcome all design challenges and, due to our exclusive welded construction, Arm-R-Lite has the capability of customizing our aluminum and glass garage doors to fit the form and vision of both architects and developers. Please Contact us with any design or product questions.

Arm-R-Lite’s product line includes both commercial overhead sectional and residential garage doors. Aside from our welded aluminum and glass roll up doors, Arm-R-Lite also offers high quality steel doors as well as commercial fiberglass garage doors.  In addition to having the highest quality products on the market, Arm-R-Lite also has the most consistent manufacturing process in our industry. This consistency means that we can provide replacement parts and sections for any of our aluminum and glass models whether they are needed now or thirty years from now. We do not cut corners or “phase out” models like our competitors. As the largest moving part of a building, garage doors are an investment and it is never a cost saving option to switch out an entire overhead sectional door because replacement parts are no longer available.

Arm-R-Lite’s customer service and engineering staff are available to offer sales & technical assistance via phone or by email. In addition to our garage and overhead door dealers and installers, we welcome inquiries from architectural firms, general contractors, developers, business owners, and homeowners. We also offer custom glass garage door architectural support.

Arm-R-Lite Garage Doors have been installed in many diverse applications including car dealerships, car care centers, car washes, service stations, restaurants, fire houses, loading docks, stadiums, greenhouses, hospitals, interior applications, offices, parking garages, artist studios, cafes, museums, private residencies, retail stores, marinas, casinos, and in high wind load and impact rated areas.

We will always stand by the value and quality of our garage doors and will continue to pride ourselves on offering the best overhead sectional door for any budget in our industry. With more than 50 years of experience as a  manufacturer of welded aluminum and glass overhead garage doors, Arm-R-Lite does not shy away from challenging projects. Our American made line of glass roll up garage doors offer unlimited design, finish, and glass options for any need and come with the best warranties on the market.