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Arm-R-Lite is the first choice overhead door manufacturer for architects seeking top quality products for their clients.

“I just wanted to let you know that the custom garage doors that you personally helped create look spectacular. Having been in this profession for so many years, it’s always a pleasure to know which manufacturers can meet challenges and in our case, explore new methods and materials to make something unique. I hope that these pictures are testament to how pleased we are with the end result and how happy we are that your company was willing to go the extra mile.”

Taff Residence., Marvin L. Taff, Architect

The Name Arm-R-Lite has become Synonymous with Quality Aluminum Overhead Doors for the past 55 years.

Our top quality aluminum and steel doors were developed to meet the needs of today’s buildings. Our large variety of overhead door designs and sizes makes it possible to fulfill any specialized requirement. Since customizing a job to fit a particular installation is our specialty, we welcome design challenges and are at your constant service to provide expert guidance in meeting an engineered solution.

Getting the Details Right is our First Priority

Trained professionals will appreciate the details of construction which are indicative of our superior quality. While the architect’s client and general public many be impressed by it’s appearance, the architect knows that it is the unseen details which will determine the life and degree of satisfaction to be expected.

Overhead Door Manufacturer’s Four Standards


The Arm-R-Lite Aluminum Doors natural beauty blends in with the design of modern prestige buildings. Aluminum is highly attractive and needs no special adornment for many applications.


A high yield for our aluminum alloy enables our doors to better resist permanent deformation. This, along with our special methods of fabrication, has produced a door with maximum freedom from sagging so common in wood and bolted aluminum doors.


Aluminum doors need no protection. Their natural resistance to corrosion guarantee a lifetime installation with little or no maintenance. The splitting, checking, peeling and rot that deteriorates wood doors simply cannot happen with our aluminum doors.

Ease of Operation

The lightness to strength ratio of aluminum allows us to produce doors of superior construction approximately 30 to 60 percent lighter than comparative size wood or steel doors. This lightness, when related to door operation, contributes immeasurably to smoother, more effortless door performance and reduced maintenance after installation.

Arm-R-Lite is proud to be the highest quality overhead sectional garage and roll up door manufacturer in the United States.