Corrosion Resistant Garage Door Options by Arm-R-LiteCorrosion and rust resistant options for garage doors are available through Arm-R-Lite for applications in high moisture or corrosive environments. In harsh environments, standard steel garage doors corrode and rust resulting in an ugly appearance, unsafe operation, and shortened product life.

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Rust Resistant Garage Door Options by Arm-R-Lite

The Corrosion Resistant Package by Arm-R-Lite offers customers options for customers dealing with less than ideal environments for standard steel garage doors and components:

  • Economy Corrosion Resistant Option: Tracks and face hardware of our doors are powder coated in black or white (custom colors for upcharge) to resist corrosion. Powder coated steel components are not as resistant to corrosives as stainless steel, however they do offer a greater protection of these parts than standard galvanized.
  • Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Option: Rust resistant stainless steel tracks, face hardware, stainless steel nylon rollers with sealed bearings, and stainless steel cables are supplied for upcharge in lieu of our standard galvanized components to resist corrosion breakdown of parts.

Suggested applications include: boat houses, docks, marinas, coastal homes and businesses, chemical store houses, salt barns, car washes, agricultural storage facilities, pool houses, amusement parks, and any high moisture or corrosive application requiring a rust resistant garage door.