Arm-R-Lite Energy Efficient Glass Garage Door at a RestaurantEnergy efficient glass garage door requirements are a growing trend in today’s construction and design industries. From commercial projects like restaurants or museums to residential applications, the need for energy efficient glass garage doors will only grow as Americans become more environmentally conscious and aware of energy saving benefits.

Energy Efficient Glass Garage Door Product Information

DOWNLOAD: Energy Efficient Glass Garage Door Package.pdf

  • Insulated Glazing: Thicknesses available in 5/8”, 7/16”, or our exclusive 1” thick insulated units.
  • Insulated Frame: Polyurethane expanding foam insulation filled rails and stiles. Because our sections are held together by welding as well as our use of tubular 4-sided extrusions Arm-R-Lite is able to completely fill our aluminum frames with polyurethane foam insulation. This insulation process also creates a water resistant feature as all meeting members are completely sealed. Insulating the rails and stiles will not eliminate water infiltration. You may still get water leakage in a driving rain and the product should never be  power washed. What we have found is that by adding this option it greatly reduces water infiltration. Architects and Designers should consider these facts when using our product in finished spaces. Check out the construction method regarding our insulated frame.
  • Custom End Caps: Custom end caps are available for upcharge to conceal any visible insulation if required.

Many garage door companies offer some form of energy efficient glass garage door options to their customers. However, the way in which they construct their aluminum and glass garage doors severely limits the benefits these options can provide. Some examples include:

  • ½” insulated glazing only – frame is not insulated
  • Frame is insulated with polystyrene – think disposable coffee cups

For a truly energy efficient glass garage door, Arm-R-Lite has utilized the strength of our welded frames. Because our aluminum frames are welded, not held together with thru-bolts or self-tapping screws, Arm-R-Lite is able to provide options no other competitive manufacturer can match…Especially when it comes to an energy efficient glass garage door.