Fire Stations are one of the sectional door industries most prominent applications, second only to service stations. However, unlike service station applications fire station section doors are faced with a unique set of challenges and expectations that are important to communities.

What to Expect from your Fire Station Sectional Door?

Whenever renovating and existing station or designing a new building, the sectional doors are always front and center. Beyond simply how they look or how pretty they are the most important factors of a fire stations sectional door are:

  • Longevity: how long and we expect these fire station sectional doors be in operation before they need to be replaced?
  • Quality: how are these fire stations sectional doors made and what are they made with? Is the material and construction method suitable for the application?
  • Maintenance: How much maintained will these fire station sectional doors need? Will there be parts available to fix doors down the road?

If these three factors cannot be addressed by a sectional door manufacturer, than that sectional door manufacturer is not supplying a sectional doo

r suitable for a fire station.

If you are designing or renovating a fire station and are interested in Arm-R-Lite sectional doors, please contact us. We’d be glad to help with any questions on our sectional door products.

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