Glass Garage Door Privacy Blinds

Glass garage door blinds sounds like an easy concept for privacy, but as anyone who has looked into the options available knows that is not the case. Due to the way a glass garage door functions and safety concerns, adding blinds to a commercial or residential application has not been a readily offered…until now. Arm-R-Lite’s Arm-R-Blind glass units now make it possible for blinds to be used in conjunction with a glass garage door allowing for more flexibility in application options and privacy.

DOWNLOAD: Arm-R-Blind Brochure

Glass Garage Door Blinds: A Unique Privacy Option

Arm-R-Blind units can be offered in select Arm-R-Lite aluminum and glass garage doors. These glazing units offer privacy by sealing manually operable blinds within a 1″ insulated, dual pane glass unit. The blinds are operated with a manual slide toggle mounted to each glass unit rather than pull cords and tilt wands making these units safer than traditional corded blinds.

The benefits to these glass garage door blinds includes:

  • No need to clean or dust the blinds.
  • Insulated units are available with or without Low E coatings
  • Blinds are available in a variety of color options:Glass Garage Door Privacy Blinds - Color Choices

Arm-R-Blinds cannot be retro fitted and are sold as part of a complete garage door assembly. For more information on this glazing option, please contact us.