Arm-R-Speed High Speed Overhead Sectional Door MotorArm-R-Lite offers a new high performance overhead sectional door motor for select welded aluminum and glass garage door models for faster open/close speeds when compared to standard sectional door motors.

The Arm-R-Speed Motor: High Performance Overhead Sectional Door Motor

Download: Arm-r-Speed Motor Product Sheet

Arm-R-Lite has introduced our Arm-R-Speed motor as a response to the high maintenance and replacement costs of today’s current high speed doors. The difference between an overhead sectional door and a high speed door is their operation. High speed doors normally coil into a canister above the door where overhead sectional doors require a track system to operate. Historically, high speed doors operate at a much faster open/close speed than an overhead sectional door.

The Arm-R-Speed Motor by Arm-R-Lite offers our customers an alternative to the costly high speed doors on the market today. By allowing select welded aluminum and glass overhead sectional doors the ability to operate at a faster we can provide our customers with more efficient doors when compared to standard sectionals.

Product Features and Options:

  • Self-contained package with separate wall mounted control panel
  • Nominal dimension of 16”L x 4.3”H x 4.3”W (excluding shaft)
  • Programmable to operate up to 25” per second
  • Closed loop control motion profile programming
  • Individual, programmable open and close speeds with controlled acceleration and deceleration for smooth, soft start and stop motion profiles
  • Obstruction sensing with programmable threshold level
  • Interlock capability with security system
  • Chain/sprocket coupling or direct coupling to driven shaft, emergency chain hoist available on certain models.
  • Rated for high usage and high reliability with estimated  240 cycles/hr, over 5,000 cycles per day
  • Powered by 115, 208, 230, 460, 575 VAC at 60Hz

The Arm-R-Speed high performance sectional door operator is designed to provide a faster open /close speed (avg. 18″- 25”per second) when compared to standard sectional door operators (avg. 8” per second).

The Arm-R-Speed requires a minimum of 24″ high lift and 36 ” of clear headroom. Weight limitations apply.

Please feel free to contact our sales and customer service department for more information on our high performance overhead sectional doors motor.