Garage Door SafetyJune is National Garage Door Safety Month and since your overhead garage door is probably the largest “appliance” in your home it is all the more important to make sure you follow certain steps for years of trouble free service and to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones.

Garage Door Safety Hints and TipsGarage door service request

Garage door safety is often overlooked. So many of us move though our day without so much as a second thought to our garage and

overhead sectional doors. Below you will find a few hints and tips about how to keep you and your family safe with regards to your garage door.

  • Garage Door Safety Tips
  • SERVICE: Annual or Bi-annual service is recommended for all residential garage doors and commercial garage doors. Regular service checks by an experienced dealer/installer is imperative to address safety concerns which can occur from normal use. An experienced garage door technician can identify these concerns and address them before they compromise the garage door or become life threatening.

Garage door safety should not be taken lightly. Be aware of your overhead door and know the do’s and don’t of operating it. Active participation by you and your family in appropriate garage door safety techniques can prevent serious injury and death.