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Garage Door Replacement Parts Quotation

Arm-R-Lite Garage Door Replacement PartsThe image to the left indicates where you can find the serial number (WO#) for your door. Each of our doors is assigned a unique serial number. Having this serial number on hand when requesting your quote will help us address your inquiry as quickly and as accurately as possible. This sticker will always be on the inside of our doors attached to the center of the bottom rail.  If you cannot locate a serial number or if the door is not manufactured by Arm-R-Lite, please contact us by phone (800-554-5816) or through our contact us form. We would be glad to help you.

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Some replacement parts will require an experienced garage door dealer/installer for installation (sections, torsion springs, etc…). If you are not a garage door dealer/installer and are in need of such a part, Arm-R-Lite will recommend an experienced company in your area based on your replacement part inquiry.