Projects with uneven or sloped thresholds come with a set of unique challenges when it comes to overhead sectional garage doors. Many garage door manufacturers and installers in our industry adhere to the old belief that sectional doors cannot be installed on uneven floors. Where in the past a sloped floor would bring a garage door installation to a screeching halt, Arm-R-Lite has developed a custom sloped bottom section or rail for our welded aluminum garage door models.

Aluminum Garage Doors For Sloping Floors

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An installation of a garage door on a sloped threshold may void your warranty and drastically reduce the lifespan of your door by adding constant stress on the sections, hinges, and parts. The space beneath the door also allows access for rodents, bugs, or intruders as well as compromise any energy efficient or insulation needs the building may need.

Sloped bottom rail on an aluminum garage doorIn contrast, the photo to the right shows a custom sloping bottom rail for a commercial application. Due to Arm-R-Lite’s exclusive welded construction and the superior strength of our doors we can engineer and fabricate sloping bottom rails or sections to match the slope degree of your floor. Sloping bottom rails and sections are available for either commercial or residential applications. In the past, contractors would have to schedule and pay additional pavers or subcontractors to even out the floor; delaying garage door installers and pushing out the timeline for a project. Arm-R-Lite’s sloping bottom rails eliminate the need for repaving in most situations saving time, money, and manpower.

The sloping bottom rail does not negatively affect  the warranty or structural integrity of our welded aluminum models, ensuring our doors will operate admirably for decades.

Welded Aluminum Garage Door Models Available With Sloping Bottom Rails:

Arm-R-Lite’s custom sloping bottom rail is available either fixed or hinged depending on the requirements of the project. Please contact our sales and customer service department with any questions regarding our sloping bottom rails or if you are planning/developing/renovating a project with a sloped or uneven threshold.