For applications where the reduction of sound transmittance through an aluminum and glass sectional door is ideal, Arm-R-Lite offers a unique custom option package for sound reducing / acoustical garage doors.

How to Reduce the Amount of Sound Transmitted Through Your Overhead Garage Door

DOWNLOAD: Arm-R-Lite’s Sound Reduction / Acoustical Package.pdf

For projects that require sound reduction our Sound Reduction / Acoustical Package is a great way to address the variable of sound with regards to our welded aluminum and glass overhead garage doors. The Sound Reduction Package works by taking the two biggest factors in the transmittance of sound through a garage door: glass and frame construction.

Sound Reducing Glass

Due to our welded construction method, Arm-R-Lite is able to provide a much larger array of glass types than commonly seen in our industry. Sound resistant glazing is a specialized glass type that inhibits the transmittance of sound and can be accommodated within our welded aluminum overhead doors.

Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) ratings are used to determine how successful a product is at reducing sound transmittance. Arm-R-Lite’s unique acoustical glazing provides an STC rating of max 35.

Polyurethane Foam Filled Rails and Stiles

All cavities of our tubular rails & stiles are injected with polyurethane foam…creating insulation and forming a water resistant feature, virtually sealing from the inside out. Polyurethane foam filled rails and stiles act as a sound buffer, reducing the amount of transmitted sound through an aluminum frame overhead door while also providing maximum insulation benefits.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the Sound Reducing / Acoustical Package on our welded aluminum and glass overhead door models.