Garage door reviews are available for Arm-R-Lite. Don’t just take our word for it that a welded Arm-R-Lite garage door is the best garage door in the industry; check out these overhead roll up door testimonials and find out what our customers think!

Garage Door Reviews – A Customer’s Point of View

Best garage door testimonial from Advanced Door NJ

“We prefer to use Arm-R-Lite aluminum doors on all of our projects because of their inherent durability and structural integrity that is afforded due (to) their complete heli-arc welded construction.” – Robert Marsh, Advanced Door Sales NJ

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – Advanced Door NJ

“…I want you to know that in my 40+ years in the Construction Industry I’ve had the privilege of working with the some of the very best people at a national level (mostly all men). As a former Sales Representative with Firestone Building Products and CentiMark Corp., both at the national level, I would rate Arm-R-Lite’s overall Quality of Service, as the very best (mostly all women). It’s been an interesting business experience; impressive, and exceptionally well done from beginning to end.  It’s just an observation and my humble opinion; but, I know one for sure:  it’s something you can all be proud of (emphasis added).” – Ron Swanson, Alliance Door & Hardware, Inc.

“…my experience has confirmed that there is one door
which continually out-performs all others. The ARM-R-LITE “Electra” and “Titan”
Models are superior… I have serviced ARM-R-LITE doors that I installed twenty
years ago that are structurally as sound as the day I installed them.” – Gary L. Miller, MTD Services, Inc.

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – MTD Services MD

The quality of their products are superior to other manufacturers. The doors have “old school” value in the sense of strength and durability.” – Gary Valot, All Seasons Doors & More, Inc

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – All Seasons NY

“…we found their product to be great and durable especially the TITAN model…” – Vijay, Atlantic Steel Rolling Door

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – Atlantic Steel NY

“Arm-R-Lite has supplied Jersey Overhead Doors with a wide variety of aluminum and glass doors for the last twenty two years. They have been able to custom design doors in a multitude of colors and have a twenty year welded frame warranty.” – Robert Geryer, Jersey Overhead Doors

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – Jersey Overhead Doors NJ

“As a dealer, with many choices of overhead door manufacturers, we can state that Arm-R-Lite has their act together and will get the job done right.” – Ray Maggione, Tierney & Courtney Overhead
Door Sales Co., Inc.

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – Tierney and Courtney NY

“Everything from timely manufacturing and delivery times, to the general quality of the products, to their custom design capabilities makes Arm-R-Lite an easy choice for our custom door products time and time again.” – Wally Voegel, Twin Forks Overhead Door

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – Twin Forks Overhead Doors NY

“…ARM-R-LITE is the only aluminum sectional door we recommend and sell to service stations, general auto repair facilities, auto-dealers, and anyone requiring custom aluminum sectional doors…While servicing the many brands of aluminum doors found at these facilities, it becomes evident which brand holds up in this environment and which one do not…ARM-R-LITE aluminum sectional doors far superior to other brands.” – Gary L. Miller, MTD Services, Inc.

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – MTD Services MD

“…I am glad to have a manufacturer that still believes that “Product Quality” is still what counts in this business.”Robert Marsh, Advanced Door Sales NJ

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – Advanced Door NJ

“All the sections and hardware were installed with ease. We did not have to make any modifications and/or adjustments on any of the doors.” – Stuart A. Coleman, Crews Door Company Inc

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – Crews Door VA

Arm-R-Lite is the strongest door available and of unequalled design…I have personally installed many of the Arm-R-Lite doors at Sunoco locations which are 17 years old and giving outstanding service.” – Gary L. Miller, L.A. Pafel, Inc

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – L.A. Pafel MD

Glass Garage Door Review - Marvin L. Taff F.A.I.A. Architect

“Having been in this profession for so many years, it’s always a pleasure to know which manufacturers can meet challenges and…explore new methods and materials to make something unique.” – Marvin L. Taff F.A.I.A Architect

Arm-R-Lite Testimonial – Marvin L. Taff F.A.I.A Architect

Arm-R-Lite believes our customers are important and each time they put their faith in us to supply the best garage door on the market we make it our priority to exceed their expectations. The overhead roll up door testimonials above are from real customers who have experienced this dedication first hand. If you would like to submit a garage door review and let us know about your own experience with Arm-R-Lite, please feel free to use our Contact Us form.