Arm-R-Lite Door Manufacturing Co., Inc. got its start manufacturing high quality gas station garage doors more than 50 years ago. Nearly every Jiffy Lube in the United States has a welded Arm-R-Lite door and those same doors, installed more than 30 years ago, continue to operate admirably. Arm-R-Lite has since grown from rom humble beginnings manufacturing quality aluminum gas station roll up doors to an industry leader in innovation.

NJ Overhead Garage Door Manufacturer: Arm-R-Lite

Garage Door Manufacturer - Arm-R-LiteOur founder, Jack Dourney, built Arm-R-Lite from the ground up focusing on quality and ingenuity. He believed from the very beginning that our customers should always have the option to customize their aluminum and glass garage doors and not have to suffer the “standard” of low quality. Jack knew he could manufacture beautiful, high quality garage doors adding value and curb appeal to every building they graced. Since our start in 1958, Arm-R-Lite has never settled for flooding our industry with low quality products. Just as Jack would not promote quantity over quality, neither would Arm-R-Lite.

We have never stopped manufacturing our high quality gas station garage doors and continue to find new and innovative applications for our welded aluminum and glass garage doors.

Aluminum Overhead Sectional Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite Overhead Garage Doors

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